Tree Bracing / Cabling

Coastal Tree Services Wellington Ltd are specialists in installing the Cobra Tree Bracing System. This system can be utilised in some instances where a tree needs additional support against wind and the effects it can have on limbs and branches.

On some occasions there may be a large tree, which is overhanging valuable property, and you may have some concerns over its structural integrity. We are specialists in identifying hazardous trees, limbs or branches, and if there are areas of concern the Cobra Tree Bracing System could be installed.

The Cobra Tree Bracing System is a self-adjusting system that helps to prevent limbs and branches snapping in strong winds by joining weaker branches to strong ones. The system uses Dampners (springs), which allows the tree to move naturally in the wind, without it being held rigid as it would with a wire system. The system is installed in the canopy of the tree, is very discreet visually and not only is it a benefit to the tree, but it is relatively quick to install and offers ongoing convenience as it is self-adjusting and therefore numerous return visits to adjust the bracing isn’t required.

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