Tree Removal and Pruning

Coastal Tree Services Wellington Ltd specialize in all aspects of tree removal and trimming, from the largest tree to the smallest shrub. We have the equipment & expertise to undertake any work that you require as well as offering the best advice available, taking into account your requirements, the local environment & the health of the surrounding area.

When it comes to tree trimming the main reason why a number of our clients request this service is because trees are starting to impact on scenic views - they may be starting to cause excessive shade to parts of your property and they may even be causing problems with underground services, above ground services, blocking roof guttering, or rubbing against the side of the house. There are a number of pruning techniques that can offer solutions for any of these, or other, situations. We work closely with all of our clients to achieve the best possible outcome for each situation & the tree health.

There are a number of trimming methods that could offer a solution to various problems. For example, if the tree is starting to get too large, crown reduction may be the best method – crown reduction can either slightly re-shape or simply reduce in size the existing shape of the tree, whilst maintaining the natural look of the species.

Crown thinning can be used when the canopy of the tree is getting overly dense and no light is able to penetrate though the tree. However, crown lifting methods could be used when the lower branches of the canopy are impacting on views or recreational activities.

All well as these more common methods of trimming, we can also offer formative pruning for trees of all ages. Formative pruning is training of a tree from a young age (ideally) to help it develop into a spectacular specimen as it matures. Although best carried out from an early age, formative pruning can be carried out any stage of a tree's development and encourages good growth habit and form.

Sometimes, if a tree is causing serious issues, removal may be the best option – our staff can assist you in indentifying the root cause of any issues. Occasionally, there may be some concerns with tree health, or potential issues that may arise in the future – based on tree species, growth patterns or defects.

If a tree does need to be removed the immediate vicinity of the tree and its surroundings generally dictate the method of tree removal. We are experts in climbing & dismantling trees using ropes to lower branches and sections of timber, without causing damage to your property.

We also specialize in safe felling and winching trees in open areas, using the highest possible best practice & safety standards, with minimal environmental impacts.

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